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Quickly convert or change eBooks from MOBI to ePub. User-oriented batch conversion with drag&drop operation
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8 April 2013

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This tool can convert eBooks in Mobi format to ePub format.

Mobi format became popular with the popularity first with Mobi pocket reader then with Kindle. However, as the other devices capable of reading electronic documents started appearing, many often felt the need to read the Kindle books on these newer devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc. Kobo and Sony readers also are unable to read the Mobi books. It offers a very simple interface. It will allow you to create list of files to be processed in a batch. So, if there is a bunch of these files to be converted, it could be done in one go. When the batch list is prepared, the interface shows related statistics. Input-file name, size, output type, name and then whether the files has been converted. When the conversion process is started, as each file is converted, the status changes to “converted”.

When creating the batch list, you have the option to add files or even folders. The converted files could be saved into the same source folder or a different one, if you choose to. Conversion is a single click on “start” button. You can monitor the progress. User need not understand anything about these formats. When you needed to share these books with others or your own “other” devices, this is a tool that can prove to be very handy. The trial period would tell you if there are any problems at all with the conversion. You then simply pay the license fee and adapt the product into your workflow. A very good product to try out, if you needed to convert Mobi books to the ePub format.

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If you have ever tried to purchase books from Amazon online store, then you must not strange with MOBI books, right? MOBI is the format used by the MobiPocket Reader, so it can't be read on ePub-friendly eReaders like Apple's iDevices, Nook Tablet, KoBo, Sony Reader, etc.
If you want to share MobiPocket books with your friends who doesn't have MobiPocket Reader, then you need to convert MOBI books to ePub format before reading it on other eReaders.
The followings are the 3 simple steps for converting MOBI to ePub. Just follow the instructions and then you'll find how easy it is to save MOBI as ePub with this powerful MOBI to ePub Conversion.
MOBI to ePub converter
MOBI to ePub converter
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